Final Grades and Group Project (Oct 24th)

*The final grade will be split in 2; a research paper on the same topic as your presentation from last week, which will also include an oral presentation *(buscar info, evaluarla, presentar),

*The poster is due thursday at 1 pm

*And you have to print the grading sheet for the next class so she can grade you. Just change your name at the top..

*Also she said we should have our presentation grades by next week.

*The week after thanksgiving, OR the week dedicated for exams, will be our final. She is still deciding possible dates (Nov 28 & 30, OR Dec 5 & 7)

*Election day Nov 8, no classes monday and tuesday

*Due date for the research paper is NOVEMBER 9TH

*The research paper must follow MLA guidelines…5 references for the oral presentation. You can use the references from your presentation if she said they were ok. If she didnt then you have to search for new ones.

*The references MUST BE CITED IN THE RESEARCH PAPER look at owl purdue online writing lab for MLA formatting.the title for the reference page will be “Works Cited”

*The paper is only 2 pages, + the works cited page, so a total of 3 pages. It cannot be more or less than 3 pages in total.

*She also wants a footnote of some sort: in word, go to the references tab and insert footnote (explaining something, no citing)

*ALSO, make sure you cite the quotations correctly for long and short quotations.

*Must send the paper through email to AND print it for the class

*Directions for the group project

*NO JEANS for this group presentation. Must be professional.

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